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Engagement Model

Engagement Model

Engagement Model

An internationally recognized provider of IT services, Buidnetic is at your service. We think that our clients should concentrate solely on running their businesses while leaving the rest to us.

  • Pocket-friendly.
    Do not over your budget!
    You can always request a fixed price and time estimate.
  • Simplifying your needs.
    Just pay for the hours that were used.
    Utilize resources in accordance with your needs.
  • Dedicated Resources.
    We have dedicated engineers who work around the clock, To make sure your project is delivered continuously.
  • Maintenance & Support.
    Looking to maintain or upgrade your projects? We’ll look into this, let our tech support handle things while you relax.


Offshore Dev Center Dedicated Engineers Project Team
Best for Setting up a team as per your requirement Scaling your in-house tech team Hiring team for a defined project
Team Custom as per technical skill requirement Custom as per technical skill requirement Custom as per technical skill requirement
Flexibility / Replacement 100% flexibility to ramp up or ramp down the team, Easy replacement
Ramp up time 15-30 days 7-14 days 1-14 days
Ramp down time 30 days 30 days 30 days
Cost savings on US rates Min 60% Min 50% Min 50%
Support 24 X 7 Support - Email and Chat

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