managed it services


Why IT Outsourcing?

Buildnetic manages IT outsourcing operations for specific customers and parts of infrastructure so that customers or companies can focus on their core business while Buildnetic can wholly and solely deal with their IT. By outsourcing their IT Infrastructure management to an expert organisation like Buildnetic, you can ensure a high uptime for your IT without the extreme perils of managing an IT team and focussing on the manpower requirements. Buildnetic with its highly diverse team of technical experts can easily provide these services therefore free up the customer’s resources and budgets to focus on their core business strategy.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Outsourcing of system services

    Buildnetic designates highly trained professionals to implement preventive maintenance failures and survey the work of the key infrastructure components of the customer e.g E-mail, etc.

  • Comprehensive outsourcing of the IT infrastructure

    Buildnetic takes over the total support management and governance of operating systems, office applications, office support and other tasks related to information technology.

  • Faster Launch Times​

    The best of the best IT companies will be creating custom solutions for your business and assembling them on time to achieve project goals.

  • High-Quality Products​

    Outsourcing IT to the right company produces high-quality software products. Quality isn’t something we compromise on.

  • Minimal Risks​

    The best software developers for your project eliminate the risk of any issues arising combined with the best practices to increase project flexibility and nullify downtime.