cloud computing


Why Cloud Services?

Companies spend tons on IT infrastructure to assemble a stack suitable enough to help them stay ahead in the race and those which meet market needs. More than 80% of the time, Chief Technology Officers lay money on technology that does not even fulfill their business needs and if they do, they seldom make any profit out of it. Buildnetic is a massive platform designed to suit your needs and reduce workloads through intelligent services that not just help in real-time but also help in gaining a tremendous business advantage. Your business will undergo increased efficiency with Buildnetic.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Flexibility

    Anything and everything you’ve always desired. You name it and Buildnetic is here to deliver it. Starting from your first ever deployment to dynamic resource provisioning and scheduling, we allow our users to do it all.

  • Management

    User friendly, simple, and no complexities at all. With dynamic monitoring of server performance, you can now access server activities from any place in the world through the web-based console.

  • Reliability

    Bulletin knows what all it takes to give you a business-suitable cloud, thus leaving a tag of zero data loss and zero downtime., it is the most trustworthy service provider ever.

  • Analytics

    Offering you insightful data to understand business situations better and make better decisions.

  • Controlled Costs

    Optimum utilization of services, with total transparency between client and customer, Buildnetic is sure to work wonders with charging schemes.